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LPG Vessel and pipe work installation and maintenance

Case Studies

Customer Type: Poultry Farm
Location: Penrith
Project: Instal LPG pipework to 9 newly - fitted Spaceray overhead heaters

This job was for an existing customer who phoned in a panic; they were having new overhead heaters installed but found out at the last minute that the installing company would not connect to the gas supply. Time was of the essence as the new crop of chicks were expected in less than a week. Fortunately the existing internal pipework was reuseable with some modification. The 2nd stage regulator required replacing (new one fitted as in the picture) which was pretty straightforward. On the Saturday morning, everything was tested and signed off - time to see whether the heaters worked. After a couple of false starts they were all working satisfactorily. Another satisfied customer.

Customer Type: Poultry Farms
Location: Teesside, 6 sites
Project: Replace underground metal pipework with a new plastic supplies.

In order to comply with HSE requirements, the client instructed us to upgrade all underground gas services at 6 farms. We provided a "turnkey" service, including all trenching, pipelaying and ground reinstatement. This was completed to tight schdules during the limited empty periods on each farm.

Customer Type: Holiday Lodge Site
Location: East Yorkshire
Project: Instal LPG supply to multiple lodges.

This is an existing lodge development, with gas originally being supplied from 47kg cylinders. We were instructed to "retrofit" a piped system and central gas storage, enabling each lodge to enjoy gas via a meter. Phase 1 (25 lodges)has been completed, and Phase 2 (52 lodges) has now been started.

Customer Type: Metered Supply to Holiday Homes
Location: Preston
Project: Instal LPG supply for 31 holiday homes

This wasa two stage development of a redundant quarry. The holiday homes are stone built and finished to a luxurious standard. For the first stage (8 homes) we laid a 32mm polyethylene ring main with 25mm service spurs to semi-submerged meter boxes. For the second stage (23 homes) a 63mm main was laid, with service spurs to meter boxes.LPG supply is from 4 x 2000 litre LPG vessels.

Customer Type: Fire Brigade Hot Fire Training
Location: Gloucestershire
Project: Install 4000 litre LPG vessel

Install 4000 litre LPG vessel with both liquid and vapour offtake to provide fuel for simulated fire emergency scenarios

Customer Type: Metered Supply
Location: Crewe
Project: LPG supply to eight office buildings and a dwelling.

The offices are conversions of redundant farmbuildings set around a quadrangle, with the original farmhouse offset to one side. We laid 63mm/32mm polyethylene main underground supply pipes with 25mm service spurs to semi-submerged meter boxes. LPG supply is from 3 x 2000litre vessels.

Customer Type: Vehicle Refuelling
Location: West Yorkshire
Project: Installation and commissioning of 2000 litre "Autogas" refuelling tank.

This refuelling installation is part of a trial development, whereby diesel fuel is supplemented with an accurate proportion of LPG to achieve improved power and economy, according to the equipment suppliers.

Customer Type: Poultry farm
Location: North Yorkshire
Project:Upgrade of underground service pipework on two farms

The existing underground pipework on both sites from the LPG storage vessels to point of entry at six sheds was 15+ years old, of galvanised metal pipe. The client was concerned that, given the age of the pipe, there might be future issues with soundness.

We installed new 32mm/25mm MDPE polyethylene pipework, using Fusion welded joints. We also took the opportunity to renew all second stage regulators.

During excavation of new trenches, it became evident that the old metal pipe had not been wrapped with any protective coating (Denso) and there was evidence of severe corrosion that could have affected the integrity of the pipework in the near future. The new systems are now complete.

Customer Type: Park home holiday park
Location: Scottish Borders
Project: Installation of LPG supply to 43 new park homes

We installed LPG storage vessels, undergound service pipework (63mm/25mm MDPE polyethylene) and post-mounted meter boxes. Owing to space restrictions, a three-stage pressure system was used.

Customer Type: Domestic development
Location: Lake District
Project: Installation of LPG supply to five dwellings.

Situated in the Lake District National Park, this site required the use of centralised underground LPG storage vessels, and semi-submerged domestic meter boxes.

Customer Type: Poultry farm
Location: North Yorkshire
Project: Soundness testing

The client has several sites with current LPG installations. Aware of their obligations under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000, we were contracted to undertake soundness testing. All systems were tested, and soundness certificates issued.

Illustration shows a bird's nest and eggs found on top of LPG storage tank during the inspections.

Customer Type: Domestic development
Location: Northumberland
Project: LPG storage

Installation of centralised underground LPG storage and supply pipework to 15 domestic dwellings

Customer Type: Poultry farm
Location: Cumbria
Project: replace poultry brooders with blown air space heaters.

As an aid to safety, the old internal gas line was capped off, and a new external main supply installed. The heaters were then connected via individual branch supplies, thus keeping internal pipe runs to a minimum.

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